About Us

Our Team

At the heart of Yesss Environmental are our passionate team of environmental scientists, sustainability experts, strategic consultants, and support professionals - united by a shared commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable world.

Leadership Management Team

Ms. Seetha Narasimman

Founder and CEO

Ms. Seetha Narasimman is a visionary leader and entrepreneur dedicated to driving impactful change in the field of sustainability and environmental sciences. As the CEO and Founder of Yesss Environmental, she brings a wealth of expertise and passion to her role. With a background in environmental studies and a deep commitment to sustainable solutions, Ms. Narasimman has spearheaded innovative projects that promote eco-conscious practices and address pressing environmental challenges.

Her leadership is characterized by a unique blend of strategic vision, technical acumen, and a strong sense of social responsibility.

Under her guidance, Yesss Environmental has emerged as a trailblazer in the industry, fostering collaborations with academic institutions, industry experts, and governmental bodies to advance sustainability initiatives. Ms. Narasimman's unwavering dedication to building a greener and more sustainable world inspires her team and stakeholders alike, driving collective efforts towards a brighter future for generations to come.

Ms. Padma Ramesh

Vice President & Group Chief Sustainability Officer

Padma Ramesh is an accomplished and dedicated leader serving as the Group Chief Sustainability Officer at Yesss Environmental. With a deep-rooted passion for environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices, Padma leads strategic initiatives to integrate sustainability into every facet of the organization's operations. Her extensive background in environmental sciences and corporate sustainability equips her to drive meaningful change, balancing environmental impact with business growth objectives.

Padma collaborates closely with cross-functional teams, industry partners, and community stakeholders to implement innovative sustainability programs that align with the company's mission and values. Under her guidance, Yesss Environmental has achieved significant milestones in reducing carbon footprint, implementing circular economy principles, and fostering a culture of sustainability across its global footprint. Padma's visionary leadership and unwavering commitment inspire colleagues and industry peers alike to embrace sustainability as a cornerstone of responsible corporate citizenship.

Environmental Science Team

  • Our Environmental Science Team at Yesss Environmental consists of a diverse group of highly qualified professionals, including PhD researchers, field experts, and specialized consultants. Each member brings unique expertise and passion to their respective areas of focus, which encompass ecology, biodiversity, water resources, climate science, and beyond.

  • Our PhD researchers are at the forefront of scientific discovery, conducting groundbreaking studies to deepen our understanding of environmental processes and impacts. They leverage advanced research methodologies to address complex environmental challenges and develop innovative solutions.

  • Our field experts bring hands-on experience and practical knowledge gained from years of working in diverse ecosystems. They provide valuable insights into ecological dynamics, species interactions, and habitat conservation strategies, contributing essential data for informed decision-making.

  • In addition, our specialized consultants offer niche expertise in various areas such as hydrology, atmospheric science, wildlife management, and environmental policy. They collaborate closely with our team and external partners to develop tailored solutions that promote sustainability and resilience.

  • Together, our environmental science team is committed to advancing knowledge, promoting sustainability, and safeguarding our planet's natural resources for future generations. We take pride in our collaborative approach and dedication to translating scientific research into actionable strategies that make a positive impact on our environment.