Founder & CEO Profile

Profile: Moorthy Esakky

Moorthy Esakky is the esteemed Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Yesss Environmental, a renowned leader in sustainable solutions and circular economy initiatives. With a profound commitment to environmental stewardship and a visionary outlook, Esakky has driven Yesss Environmental to the forefront of innovation in waste management and resource efficiency.

Professional Journey

Moorthy Esakky's journey as a sustainability entrepreneur began with a passion to address pressing environmental challenges. He founded Yesss Environmental with a clear mission: to revolutionize traditional waste management practices and accelerate the adoption of circular economic principles. Esakky's leadership has guided the company in pioneering cutting-edge approaches that prioritize sustainability without compromising operational efficiency.

Visionary Leadership

Under Esakky's strategic leadership, Yesss Environmental has evolved into a strategic partner for businesses, governments, and communities seeking to embrace sustainable practices. His ability to forge impactful partnerships has been instrumental in driving systemic change and promoting a circular economy mindset globally.

Impact and Recognition

Moorthy Esakky's unwavering dedication to sustainability has earned him widespread recognition as a thought leader in the circular economy space. His achievements underscore a remarkable ability to translate vision into tangible results, empowering organizations and individuals to make meaningful contributions to environmental preservation.

Key Achievements

  • Spearheaded innovative waste management and closed-loop systems solutions.

  • Established strategic partnerships fostering sustainable practices across sectors.

  • Recognized for leadership in advancing circular economic principles globally.

  • Instrumental in positioning Yesss Environmental as a leading force in sustainability.

Commitment to the Future

Driven by a relentless pursuit of environmental excellence, Moorthy Esakky continues to inspire transformative change within the sustainability landscape. His leadership at Yesss Environmental exemplifies a steadfast commitment to building a more resilient and sustainable future for generations to come.